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At Passages, we field many questions from families, doctors and other concerned parties every day. The most frequent questions are included here.

Who is Passages designed to serve?

Passages exists to provide a highly effective treatment program in a residential environment that meets the spiritual and physical needs of chemically dependent women on their journey to recovery.

Is Passages a licensed program?

Yes, Passages is licensed for residential and out patient care by the State of Texas. Treatment at our residence is conducted by licensed clinicians.

Who is eligible for Passages?

To be eligible, a woman must be at least 18 years of age, free of chemicals and alcohol for at least 7 days and must satisfactorily complete an in-person or telephone interview with Passages’ Director or Clinical Supervisor. Applicants are accepted from primary treatment centers across the United States and from extended experience with 12-step programs. Passages has no restrictions with regard to age, race or religion.

How long has Passages been in operation?

Passages was established by a Houstonian who was profoundly affected by her experience at an extended care facility in Minnesota. She shared her experience with other women who wondered why no such program was available in their city. Together, they raised funds to open Passages in Houston in 1986.

How does Passages work with referring physicians and therapists?

With client approval, Passages stays in contact with the primary referral source to ensure continuity of care. In addition, the staff can provide oral and written reports to physicians, therapists, managed-care case managers and administrators in employee assistance programs. Upon completion of the program, women are encouraged to return to their referring provider for follow-up care.

How long is a typical stay in the Passages program?

The length of a client’s stay depends on her individual needs. Her stay may range from 30 to 120 days. Some women have requested and received an additional 30 days of treatment. Each woman’s progress is reviewed at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals. A list of the criteria for completion of treatment is available from the administrative office of Passages. An ideal length of stay is 90 days.

What is the cost of the Passages program?

Our rates are very reasonable and we are a non-profit.

Does Passages accept insurance?

We accept some insurance. Our business office will check your benefits to confirm.

What are the options for paying?

Passages accepts cash, checks, Visa or Mastercard. Because our operating margins are minimal, we add a convenience fee of 3.64 percent to credit card charges.

Do women receive personalized counseling?

Groups are held daily. Counselor sees residents twice a week.

What is the admission procedure?

Simply make an appointment for a telephone or personal interview with the director.

What does a woman need to bring when she comes to stay at the Passages residence?

A woman should have basic clothing and toiletries with her when she arrives at the Passages residence. Our staff will discuss this and related questions with her prior to admission.

Can a woman leave the program before completing it?

Unless committed to Passages by a court order, women may self-discharge at any time. Fees are non-refundable.

Will Passages accept a woman with a dual diagnosis?

Yes, with her physician’s documentation that the applicant is stable on her medications.

How successful is Passages in guiding residents from new-found sobriety and recovery to independent living?

Women at Passages leave with a keen awareness of the disease and what is required to manage this disease on a daily basis.

Why is Houston a good place for a woman in transition?

The nation’s fourth-largest city, Houston offers Passages’ women an abundance of opportunities for employment, housing and social activity. Passages is physically situated in a wooded, suburban neighborhood of the city to afford women access to the innumerable amenities of a major metropolitan area as well as private space for counseling, retreat and reflection.

Do women receive personalized counseling?

Yes, our women participate in regularly scheduled individual and group counseling sessions during their stay at Passages. Typically, women meet with counselors twice weekly.

What are the rules and regulations at the Passages residence?

Passages women are required to adhere to a wide variety of well-documented guidelines that shape their daily lives — from house cleaning, dining and travel to program participation, work and visitors. A copy of the guidelines is available from Passages’ administrative office.

Can residents have visitors?

With approval from the chief executive officer, visitors are welcomed at Passages for specified lengths of time during non-program hours. Women may also invite guests for dinner on Fridays. A variety of additional rules govern the timing, arrival and departure of guests. These guidelines are available from the administrative office.

How is Passages funded?

Passages is a private, non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation. Funding comes from fees for service and from private donations from individuals, foundations and businesses.

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