Addressing a Woman’s Whole Life, Every Day

Structured therapeutic model that can address the disease concept, personal and family conflicts, understanding their mental health diagnosis, trauma and relapse.

The overarching goal of our Passages program is to empower women and create readiness for independence and the day-to-day challenges of sober, chemical-free living.

During a woman’s 90-day stay, treatment at Passages will stress three basic therapeutic modalities:

  • The time-honored 12-step principles

  • Group processes and interactions

  • Demands for accountability and an opportunity to enhance their overall quality of life.

I didn’t know where to begin. I wanted to change my direction, but I couldn’t do it on my own. Passages helped me find my way.
— Tamara P, Passages Graduate

What Makes Passages So Effective?

The Passages program encompasses 10 essential facets of holistic recovery.

Supportive Living. Passages provides a safe, attractive, structured environment 24 hours every day, 365 days every year.

Group Therapy. Three evenings each week, our women participate in group sessions conducted by certified personnel. Within the group setting, participants confront their addiction processes, share feelings and problems about work, family, personal and house issues and assist one another in identifying personal strengths and addressing weaknesses.

12–Step Philosophy. Our women attend meetings within the 12-step community twice a week. In addition, they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of and appreciation for these programs in complementary educational sessions at their Passages home.

Educational Sessions. Our women attend weekly educational sessions led by certified personnel. Topics range widely to include such issues as prudent money management, respect and human sexuality, healthy nutrition, personal assertiveness, relapse prevention, values clarification, finding and keeping employment and the development of interpersonal relationship skills.

House Management Meetings. Passages women attend weekly house meetings to discuss personal roles and responsibilities and to discover the learning opportunities created by communal living.

Employment. In addition to their participating in structured Passages activities, our women are required to maintain outside employment, or be active in volunteer work, a minimum of 24 hours each week

Individual Counseling. As appropriate for each woman, certified clinical professionals conduct individual counseling sessions to determine treatment objectives and then to monitor successes as well as address setbacks or other therapeutic issues.

Recreational Programming. Women plan and participate in a variety of celebratory activities with their home community. Each activity serves to build cohesiveness, encourage the development of new and independent social skills, and practice socialization free of chemicals.

Health and Vocational Services. Women who have needs that cannot be addressed by Passages personnel are referred to ancillary care providers. These services may include dental care, vocational rehabilitation, and dietetic, medical, hearing and vision care.

Alumni Sessions. Graduates of Passages are invited to participate weekly in group therapy facilitated by professional staff members.

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