Thirty Years of Service to Chemically Dependent Women

Since our founding in 1986 in Houston, our Passages community has provided quality care and counsel for women on their journey to independent living after primary treatment for chemical dependency.

In the Passages program, which is patterned after a well-proven therapeutic model of recovery, formal treatment procedures are blended with supportive community living.

Supportive Living, Therapy and Education

During their stay, women have the opportunity to develop and practice new and constructive life skills. They are assisted in relearning the attributes of responsibility and accountability. And they are guided in regaining self-respect and an appreciation for their uniqueness.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a highly effective treatment program in a residential environment that meets the spiritual and physical needs of chemically dependent women on their journey of recovery.

Passages gave me my life back and helped be reconnect with the woman I thought I’d lost forever. I’m forever grateful to this community of women for giving me a second chance at a beautiful life.
— Wanda S, former Passages patient

What We Provide

Living in our 3,700-square-foot residence in Houston, women enjoy the advantages of —

  • A comfortable, ordered home life

  • Naturally wooded surroundings

  • The benefits of structured treatment

  • The safety of 24-hour supervision

  • Access to the amenities of a diverse and vibrant city

  • A carefully guided transition into new ways of being.

To each and every client, we pledge superior-quality, cost-effective care. We invite you to know more.

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